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Aug 11th, 2014

1.5% - 3% Daily For 120 Days!
Min/Max: 1 USD / No Limit
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Aug 11th, 2014
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We are a high yield investment group active at stock markets worldwide. Our investment philosophy is based on predicting abrupt movements of 10-100% in stock price and capitalizing on them. We make money on more than 70% of all our trades.We are active in blue chips as well as small cap and emerging stock markets, diversification allows us always find good trading ideas and short term profit opportunity. We have started our online program to attract additional funds in our fund and increase our leverage and exposure. Our program is open to worldwide investors, by using e-currencies we make it easy for everyone to join us and make profit with us. We provide daily payouts of fixed value, which is independent on our current market performance and is based on our average performance. Our fixed interest cannot be changed during your investment term. If you want to double your investment within weeks - give us a try and register now.
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